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YWCA Princeton   609-497-2100

Administrative Staff

Chief Executive Officer
Click here for Judy Hutton’s profile
Judith Hutton 609-497-2100 ext. 302
Executive Assistant/Special Projects Coordinator Susan Cheuk 609-497-2100 ext. 304
Chief Financial Officer Margaret Coppola 609-497-2100 ext. 305
Accounting Assistant Pallavi Patadia 609-497-2100 ext. 324
Finance Manager/Financial Aid Coordinator Grace Yuen 609-497-2100 ext. 319

Development Office

Director of Advocacy & Development Nancy Faherty 609-497-2100 ext. 316
Development Assistant Susan Carril 609-497-2100 ext. 335
Assistant Director of Development Julie Sullivan-Crowley 609-497-2100 ext. 333
Communications & Marketing Manager Amanda Sileo 609-497-2100 ext. 383
Digital Marketing Coordinator Arthi Tamilselvam 609-497-2100 ext. 343
Volunteer/HiSET Coordinator Talitha-Koumi (T.K.) Oluwafemi 609-497-2100 ext. 322


Program Staff

Director of Programs Tara O'Shea 609-497-2100 ext. 334
Director of Arts & Crafts Christine Colosimo 609-497-2100 ext. 332
Director Aquatic Outreach, Plainsboro Wendy Trockenbrod 609-497-2100 ext. 323
Director of Dance Christine Colosimo 609-497-2100 ext. 332
Assistant Programs Coordinator Letia Taylor 609-497-2100 ext. 314
Administrative Assistant of Programs Clara King 609-497-2100 ext. 317

Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC)

Director of Breast Cancer Resource Center  Paula Flory 609-497-2100 ext. 346
BCRC Support Services Coordinator Mara Carrillo 609-497-2100 ext. 303
BCRC Fitness Coordinator Jennifer McGoorty 609-497-2100 ext. 382
BCRC Outreach & Education Coordinator Cindy Pinelli 609-497-2100 ext. 357
BCRC Assistant Director Christina Reynier 609-497-2100 ext. 355

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Director of ESL Program  Heledona Katro 609-497-2100 ext. 306
Director of Latina Unidas Cecilia Weeast 609-777-5406
ESL Office Manager Gaby Stella 609-497-2100 ext. 338

Young Wonders Child Development Center (YWCDC)

Princeton Center    
Director of Young Wonders Child Development Center  Mary Traub 609-497-2100 ext. 325
Assistant to the Director of Young Wonders Child Development Center Cassandra Mendoza 609-497-2100 ext. 311
Hamilton Center    
On-Site Director of Young Wonders Child Development Center Liza Zauner 609-587-1815
Office Manager Before/After Care  Sandra Weaver 609-587-1815

Email addresses are given for use only by those who require further information, and not for solicitation of any purpose.


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YWCA Princeton
59 Paul Robeson Place
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone 609-497-2100, Fax 609-924-8644